September 2018 Availability

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September Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Sat 1 Mon Liu Liu
Sun 2 Jar MoA CaA
Mon 3 Jar Dem
Tue 4 Jar Bla Ond
Wed 5 Jar JaA Bur
Thu 6 Jar JaA Bur
Fri 7 Ryd Dos Dos
Sat 8 O'B Dos Dos
Sun 9 Wil Pre AuA
Mon 10 Wil Hes Fab
Tue 11 Wil Hes Boy
Wed 12 Kur Tha Boy
Thu 13 CaA Tha Boy
Fri 14 Gau Pat Mac
Sat 15 Exp Exp Exp
Sun 16
Mon 17 Nic Jam Che
Tue 18 Mia Jam Che
Wed 19 Mit O'S O'S
Thu 20 MoA O'S O'S
Fri 21 Did Bor Luo
Sat 22 HuA Bor Luo
Sun 23 YeA Gie
Mon 24 ChA McC
Tue 25 Mil McC
Wed 26 Mil Ste Wan
Thu 27 Mil Ste Wan
Fri 28 Arn Wal
Sat 29 Fai Arn Wal
Sun 30 Fai

Please email us
(after checking up-to-date availability above)

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Guest News

Mr M, we look forward to seeing you today.

Ms G, thank you for your September booking.

Tigh nan Saor News

Rabbie's Tours

We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Rabbie's in 2015, who have kindly pre-booked two of our three rooms for many nights.

This means that we do not have the same volume of availability for guests such as yourself. So please consider booking early.

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